A day of storms causes traffic delays, damage


Gilbert, S.C. (WACH) -- Storms raged across the Midlands from Sunday morning into the evening.

Authorities and residents reported several downed trees, including one that caused traffic delays on Laurel Drive.

As of now, nearly 10,000 people remain without power in Lexington County.

Video was, additionally, given to WACH FOX of flooding on I-20 E before exit 61.

A Lexington County Sheriff spokesman said the department mainly responded to debris in roadways and a few wrecks.

However, some residents experienced a more serious scenario: The National Weather Service says the tornado touched down from Lexington to Irmo.

One resident in the Gilbert area, Alana Adams, said it was the first tornado she's ever been through.

"We're trying to hurry up," said Adams. "I'm getting my babies and my mom and dad. We're trying to go to one side of the house. And the windows busted on that side of the house so we ran to the other side of the house."

Adams said she and her two children, along with her parents, said everything started when they heard a loud "boom" while watching TV. She said the wind was so strong it knocked out all of their windows and damaged half of the roof.

"We felt the whole house get picked up by the tornado," said Adams. "And all of a sudden, it just got quiet and the house dropped."

Other neighbors were out surveying the damage Sunday afternoon, in the 200 block of Semm Sease Road.

A local chicken farm was decimated across the street from Adams. Witnesses say the tornado was very quick.

The American Red Cross was on scene and plan to be within the next few days.

Anyone in need of assistance in the affected areas, or looking to donate, can visit the organization's website here.

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