AAA: Gasoline supply impacted due to Hurricane Florence

    FILE - A gasoline pump nozzle is pictured Aug. 24, 2007. (Pixabay via MGN)

    According to the most recent press release from AAA Carolinas as of 4:14 p.m. Thursday, Hurricane Florence will impact the availability of fuel. Some of the coastal areas have seen gas prices rise by an average of 2 cents since Sunday.

    Tiffany Wright, AAA Carolinas spokesperson, stated, "Right now it’s not possible to predict how quickly fuel supplies can be replenished until we see what areas are impacted the most by Hurricane Florence."

    The delivery of fuel to the areas affect by Hurricane Florence will be focused on meeting the demand for fuel, but power outages, intense flooding and rainfall could possibly delay the delivery.

    Officials are expecting to shut down five terminals that supply a bulk of gasoline to the coastal areas of North Carolina and South Carolina. As stated in the press release:

    "Any type of shutdown will further tighten fuel levels in the area and the ability to deliver post-hurricane."

    Areas that are directly impacted due to Hurricane Florence risk a disruption of the pipeline operations due to power outages and flood damage at the pumps. The two major pipelines that will have continuous monitoring are the Colonial Pipeline and Kinder Morgan's Plantation Pipe Line. There is a potential that Hurricane Florence could impact parts of the pipelines.

    If all goes as planned, without any shutdowns, these pipelines could be instrumental in getting fuel to the areas impacted by Hurricane Florence. If there are interruptions to one or both of the pipelines, the areas that are impacted could pull fuel supplies from other terminals and ports to help meet demands.

    There aren't any fuel refineries in the path of Hurricane Florence and fuel production is not expected to be impacted.

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