Able SC files trademark infringement lawsuit against state

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    COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- ABLE South Carolina has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office. Several board members, executives and people with disabilities meeting Wednesday said a state-run program SC Able Savings is creating confusion for people with disabilities.

    ABLE SC is an advocacy group that provides services for people with disabilities but they also work to ensure they can be independent. The savings program allows people to save money that will not impact their disability benefits. The group created their logo back in 2012.

    The state program was formed in 2016.

    Right now they are calling on the state to change their name and logo. “I think the first thing that people see is SC ABLE and confuse us automatically. Screen readers are picking up SC ABLE and not the savings program,” Kimberly Tossot, Executive Director for ABLE SC said. “We are getting a lot of people who are blind calling us with confusion people.” The state said it is required to include Able Savings Program in its name.

    You can see the lawsuit filed by ABLE SC below:

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