Alcohol sales could be coming to Williams-Brice Stadium


COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) -- The vendor who supplies food sales for USC's Williams-Brice Stadium is seeking a license to sell alcohol at the venue.

Aramark Sports and Entertainment, who already sells food for the stadium, has applied for a license to begin selling beer, wine and liquor.

This was a move made by the company ahead of the upcoming Jay-Z and Beyonce concert in August.

The S-E-C prohibits the sale of alcohol during their sporting events, although interest in the topic within the league has grown.

"I think you're asking for an open sesame on other kinds of incidents that could happen and probably would happen," said Jim Chandler, one resident who says he would not support the change. He says he fears that, eventually, the sale would extend to the football games.

"Drink alcohol at alcohol places," said Chandler.

Another resident, John Lee, says he would be in support of the change, with some limitations. "I hope it's only beer and wine," said Chandler. "And some regulations like, some places stop selling an hour before the game's over."

WACH FOX reached out to USC about the license and a representative issued the following statement:

"The one-year permit Aramark has applied for would allow for alcohol sales at private, non-athletic events as well as the Beyonce concert. We do not have any intention of expanding alcohol sales to games."

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