Back in the game: Jack Enright's road to recovery

Doctors gave Jack Enright a ten percent chance to walk again eight months ago . He's already beating those odds.

CHAPIN, SC (WACH) - Doctors gave Jack Enright a ten percent chance to walk in March. He's already beating those odds.

On March 4, Enright and his lacrosse teammates were trailing Lexington and the junior team captain was trying to make a play to get his team back in the game.

"I tried to knock (my opponent) out of the way of the goal," Enright said. "It was an awkward collision. I knew immediately something was wrong."

Enright lay motionless on the field while doctors and trainers gathered around him, calmly asking questions.

"I could tell that everyone was super in panic," Enright said. "At first I was too. I didn't know what the heck was going on."

Jack was joined on the field by his brother Connor, who was also his teammate and his parents. He was placed on a stretcher and taken to Palmetto Richland ICU. From there, he underwent surgery and later found out that the C-6 vertabrae had been crushed into his spinal cord.

"I think right then and there you realize it's every parent's nightmare," Jack's mother Ann said.

A week later, Jack was transferred to Shepherd Center in Atlanta where doctor's gave him the ten percent chance.

"My doctor told me you were unlucky enough to have the injury, maybe you'll be lucky enough to be that ten percent that gets through it," Enright said.

From there, Enright carried that motivation with him through countless hours of physical therapy. On June 25th, Jack stood up from his wheelchair. The first of many obstacles the teen would hurdle.

Jack has received support from well across the country. From the "Pray 4 Jack" slogan that took off in the Midlands to memorabilia from college and professional lacrosse teams. He even received a personalized card from New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

Not only has Enright stood up from his wheelchair, but he can now walk upstairs to his bedroom. He even gets behind the wheel of his own vehicle again, sometimes.

"He's taking every challenge given to him," Enright said.

Jack says driving again took a while to get used to with new hand controls, but it is natural to him now.

"It's really simple and it feels like it used to, kinda," Enright said.

It is just one more thing Jack Enright continues to check off his list of things who was told he didn't have much of a chance. And there are so many more items on that list for the Chapin senior going forward.

If you would like to help Jack continue on his road to recovery, please visit his HelpHopeLive page.

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