Bond set at 50K for women accused of neglecting disabled family member


    LEXINGTON, SC (WACH) -- Bond is set at $50,000 for two women accused of neglecting a disabled family member, which then led to his death.

    45-year-old Candi Shearin and her daughter 20-year-old Tara Shearin were in front of a Lexington County judge Tuesday. Both are charged with abuse or neglect that resulted in the death of 25-year-old Michael Shearin.

    Shearin was disabled and suffered from muscular dystrophy. The women were Michael’s caregivers, and his sister was paid, to take care of him.

    Investigators say Michael’s bed and diaper were infested with maggots and roaches. He suffered numerous bed sores, and his intestines carried fecal matter.

    Colby Gallagher with the Lexington County Sheriff's Departments said, the living conditions were so bad that it sparked attention from the Department of Social Services. "It’s heartbreaking what happened to this man, it really is." Gallagher said. "I mean hearing the details I know that anybody would be upset to hear what happened to him."

    Michael’s 26-year-old brother suffers the same disability. For now, he’s living with his grandmother, but that could change, and he could be returned back to his mother. "We felt confident in bringing the charges against the mother and the sister," Gallagher said. "We felt they were necessary and that’s why they were charged."

    DSS officials say multiple cases were investigated here. The latest one was closed September 27th, 2017 after a caseworker determined Michael’s living conditions were no longer a problem.

    Michael was found dead December of last year.

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