Brother of Walter Scott arrested on cocaine charge

Anthony Scott (Charleston County Department of Corrections)

A brother of Walter Scott, a South Carolina man shot and killed by a North Charleston police officer, was arrested early Saturday morning.

According to jail records, Anthony Scott was charged with possession of cocaine by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office.

Scott is known for speaking passionately on what the Scott family would like to have seen come from the case against Michael Slager.

According to an incident report from the sheriff's office, Scott's arrest came after deputies saw an SUV parked in the middle of the road with no lights on shortly before 2:30 a.m. Saturday in West Ashley on Dunbar Street.

A deputy reports walking up to the vehicle to see what was going on, at which point the deputy said the driver (Scott) started the SUV and drove away. The sheriff's office says a deputy followed Scott, and performed a traffic stop.

Because Scott had driven away initially, the deputy reports ordering Scott to show his hands out the window once he stopped. The deputy says Scott initially obeyed, but immediately reached back inside for something.

Deputies had Scott step out of the vehicle and place his hands on the SUV so he could be searched for weapons. The deputy says he handcuffed Scott after Scott twice took one of his hands off the vehicle and reached for his pants pocket.

The sheriff's office says deputies saw an open container of alcohol in the SUV's center console. According to the incident report, a deputy smelled alcohol on Scott' s breath, and says Scott was "extremely unsteady on his feet."

A second deputy searching the vehicle found a marijuana pipe, and a search of Scott's pants turned up 0.2 grams of cocaine, in one of his pockets, according to the sheriff's office. Scott was then arrested.

Anthony Scott has said he knew from the beginning the facts behind his brother's death did not add up. Walter Scott died after being shot several times in the back.

"This is not just a victory for my family," Anthony Scott said after a guilty plea from Michael Slager in May. He said hopes his brother's death can be a learning experience for others and a message that "unjust cops will not be tolerated."

A judge set Scott's bond Saturday morning at $15,000.

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