Bystander meets family of hit and run victim


COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) ---It's not every day we get to help someone in need, and if we do, it may go unnoticed. One man's effort is now a family's miracle. Vincent Gallman said he was driving down Highway 277 last Wednesday and stopped after seeing a burning moped on the side of the road. "There was a young lady that was badly injured, and she was asking for help," Gallman said. He said he approached the burning moped and noticed there was a body in the middle of the highway.

Cindy Latorre was driving on her moped when she was hit by a truck that kept going. Gallman said he backed up and block traffic from running Latorre over. Now after nine surgeries, massive blood transfusions and constant pains she's in a fight for her life.

But while she fights, her sister was busy meeting their miracle. A hug can go a long way, a thank you, even further, but a heroic face, well that can bring tears.

Cindy's sister Diana Ortiz met her sister's lifesaver Thursday for the first time. She said it’s proof that miracles can happen and prayers can be answered even in the midst of tragedy. "I am so glad God touched you [Vincent] to turn back and that you helped,” Ortiz said. “Because she would have been dead."

Investigators are asking for your help. Anyone with information about this case is urged to call crime stoppers immediately. That number is 1-888-crime-sc.

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