Cars donated to foster youth

COLUMBIA (WACH)- In South Carolina, foster youth age out of the system at the age of 18. Many of these young people are employed and/or attending college, and one of the greatest challenges they face is transportation to work and school.

Three Midlands foster youth were lucky when The Riley Diversity Leadership Institute in partnership with The South Carolina Foster Parent Association presented three donated automobiles to Carl and Mary Brown and Brian Marion of the South Carolina Foster Parent Association.

On The Road Again is a project of the South Carolina Foster Parent Association which provides donated cars to foster care youth who are at least 18 but not yet 21 years old, actively employed, pursuing a GED or engaged in a post high school educational program. With adequate transportation, these young people are able to pursue their goals of continuing education and employment, allowing for a more successful transition into adulthood.

Research shows foster youth who age out of the system often stop going to school or work due to transportation challenges. As adults, they are highly likely to experience homelessness, poor health, unemployment, incarceration and other poor outcomes.

Mikee Johnson, CEO of Cox Industries and Dr. Louis Lynn with the Urban League of Columbia were both happy to do their civic duty and donate cars to foster youth in South Carolina.

These cars are never sold but go directly to youth in the foster program. Low mileage compact cars are ideal, but any donation is welcome.

To donate your vehicle or to make a donation to help with repairs contact Brian Marion at

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