Charges filed after 133 dogs removed from Florence County breeder

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    Charges have been filed in the investigation into a Florence County breeder after 133 animals were removed from the breeder's business last week, according to Florence County Environmental Services Director Herbie Christmas.

    Christmas hasn't released the breeder's name or the exact charges.

    Michelle Reid, an animal cruelty consultant and animal forensics expert with Valiant Animal Rescue assisted in the investigation.

    Reid released the following statement:

    While it is understandable that the public has questions, we ask that everyone please be patient as this is an open case. Our FIRST priority is the wellbeing of the animals involved. We are currently dealing with everything from an array of Intestinal Parasites, Giardia, Ringworm, Tumors, Ear infections, Eye Infections, Eye injuries, Badly infected mouths, Upper respiratory problems, Heartworms and more. One is recovering from an emergency surgery. The long-term goal for these animals is to get them healthy and placed in loving responsible homes. Once these animals are medically sound, they will ALL be spayed and neutered PRIOR to being adopted out.

    Reid and Florence County Environmental Services released videos and pictures of the dogs showing their injuries.

    Reid also added the caring of the animals has been a huge financial burden.

    She said Donations can be made through www.ValiantAnimalRescue.Org or mailed to Valiant Animal Rescue & Relief at PO Box 13477, Charleston, SC 29422

    We will continue to keep you covered on any new developments in this case investigation.

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