Newberry church plans to be a 'sanctuary church' for undocumented immigrants

    Newberry church plans to be a 'sanctuary church' for undocumented immigrants<p>{/p}

    Leaders and supporters of a church in Newberry made a ground-breaking announcement Tuesday morning.

    “We are announcing that Clayton Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church is a sanctuary church. It is our intention to offer sanctuary to few carefully chosen individuals from the immigrant community who have been ordered deported and who we feel have not received the benefit of due process of the law,” says Michelle Robinson

    Church leaders say the effort includes providing attorneys and other help for illegal immigrants facing deportation.

    Terre Balof shares, People of faith have always stepped up to say, Ok it’s time for us to make a stand on the injustice that we see happening in our nation. Both the Unitarians and the Universalists were key in the abolitionist movement. So, we are continuing our commitment to peace, and love and social justice today as we have done for centuries.

    Brian Symmes, a spokesman for Governor Henry McMaster sent us a statement saying,

    “Nobody has been a greater advocate for religious freedom than Governor McMaster, but equally as important is every citizen’s responsibility to respect the rule of law. thanks to governor McMaster’s leadership, there will never be a sanctuary city in South Carolina, and a few people in Newberry aren’t going to change that.”

    Some neighbors of the church, who did not want to go on camera criticized the church for breaking the law. We also reached out to the Newberry County Sheriff, who hasn’t responded yet to our request for a comment.

    Board Chair, Sam Stone Board says, “we hope that more people will that lead, people of faith, people of good will, no matter what faith there are of. Will live out the principals of their own faith.”

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