Clean water drives continue to draw dozens in Denmark


DENMARK, S.C. (WACH) -- Efforts continue to get clean water to residents living in the city of Denmark.

Dozens lined up outside of the Amazing Grace Ministries building off of Beech Street in Denmark to get cases of water and packaged foods. On Saturday, the ministry partnered with Smart Box of Allendale County along with the Golden Harvest Food Bank in Aiken to get the relief to citizens looking for help.

This coming after several concerns and complaints local residents have had concerning the possible toxicity of their drinking water.

One resident, Daniel Summers, who was there to collect a case of water, said his health problems began once he recently moved back to Denmark.

"It might look clean but it's not clean," said Summers. "I was busting out in sores and, you know, I'm busting out in rashes. And I'm wondering what was wrong with me. I never had problem before."

Summers' concerns echo those of many others recently, highlighted after recent reports showed chemicals such as Halosan being used in the water.

Bakari Sellers, of the Strom Law Firm, has filed a lawsuit against the City of Denmark compiling the complaints and saying that Halosan is only typically allowed in swimming pools and spas.

Meanwhile, several recent efforts have turned out dozens of concerned citizens looking for help.

Saturday's effort also provided the packaged foods to take some of the financial relief some citizens have had having to constantly stock up on drinking water.

"It's neither who did this or who did that," said Betty Bell, the leader and founder of Amazing Grace Ministries. "Until this whole thing is resolved, they have a right to fresh drinking water."

The next drive will be held on Wednesday, December 19th from 5 p.m. until 6 p.m.

Those looking to volunteer with the group can find their information by visiting their Facebook page.

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