Columbia man arrested for disorderly conduct says he was beaten by officers

(Source: ASGDC)

A Columbia man who wrote obscenities all over his own car was arrested for public disorderly conduct early Saturday morning and later released on bond from the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center..

According to the Columbia Police Department, the incident happened in Five Points around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

An officer responded to a public disorderly complaint at 707 Harden Street, which is the address of The Barn.

Michael David Anastasion, 42, was unsteady on his feet and appeared to be very intoxicated when the officer arrived. He kept cursing and also vandalized his own car.

CPD says a combination of these acts attracted a large crowd.

The officer arrested Anastasion, who refused to comply while in handcuffs. He then fell to the ground and injured his knees. Despite this, Anastasion refused treatment when EMS arrived.

WACH Fox spoke with Anastasion on the phone, he said of the incident, "I would not have been arrested if I wrote 'USA USA, Go Gamecocks.'"

Anastasion gave WACH Fox permission to use a statement he wrote on his personal facebook page:

"I was assaulted and kidnapped by the Columbia Police Department for writing in a dry erase marker on my car. I was not intoxicated. I had three beers at the bar near my parking spot. Cara and I were having fun, laughing and taking pictures. I can only assume I was arrested for writing F- Republicans, F- Trump and Black Lives Matter in a red state by white police officers. I was forcibly cuffed before being asked who I was or what I was doing. I yelled for Cars to get my ID out of my pocket, so I could prove that I was the owner of the vehicle. I asked the police to uncuff me, because my shoulder was coming out of socket. I explained that it was my car, and that I was using dry erase marker. I asked again to be released and they told me I was under arrest for public disorderly conduct. I was roughly pushed towards the police car. My shoulder popped in and out of socket twice. I dropped to my knees in tears. I went limp to avoid getting a head injury. I was not read my rights. I refused to communicate with the officers at the detention center, and I was beaten by several officers. They bruised my arms badly and punched me repeatedly on my chest bone.

I will retain counsel and I will sue the city, if it is possible for violating my civil rights. I expect to have all charges dropped. I was clearly arrested for my political speech. I look forward to having police body camera footage of the incident released. I am greatly sorry if my actions have embarrassed my employers, my family, my girlfriend, or members of the Jewish community."

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