Urban League Expo explores world of STEM


The Columbia Urban League helps students explore the wonders of STEM with their Seventh Annual Expo.

Families, students and summer camps came to Keenan High School for the expo where they got to learn about STEM education and careers through interactive exhibits, presentations, displays and activities.

Jackie Epps had a booth to talk about Kraft Foods, innovation and patents.

He believes STEM based education opens up a whole new world of opportunity for future generations.

"Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are critically important for the world we live in today because we're in a knowledge explosion. Science knowledge in the last 10-years is greater than all the scientific knowledge combined from the beginning of time. So it's important that our students get their learning and get their knowledge but make sure it's current," says the retired Kraft Foods Research Director.

The expo also helps to bring STEM awareness to under served students and provide resources for their schools and teachers.

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