Committee of Lawmakers meet with Representatives from Santee Cooper

Committee of Lawmakers meet with Representatives from Santee Cooper

Wednesday was the first of many meetings between a committee of state lawmakers and representatives from Santee Cooper. This meeting took place in the Blatt Building on State House grounds.

"We have a better understanding of what Santee Cooper and what their role is in South Carolina, they are a government owned utility, which is unique," Rep. G.M. Smith told WACH FOX News.

The goal of the meeting was to better prepare the nine member committee for when they make the decision whether or not to sell the utility.

Lawmakers and Santee Cooper went back and forth in a question and answer session for more than five hours.

Even though no decisions were made, both parties tell WACH FOX they are happy with how the session went.

"I thought it went very well and I think the remarks by the panel at the end of the meeting, indicated the same from their perspective," said James Brodgon Jr, CEO of Santee Cooper.

Committee members say they it will be several months until they make the decision about selling the utility. The committee and representatives from Santee Cooper have scheduled meetings similar to today's for every other Wednesday until the end of the year.

Rep. Russell Fry explained the process, "We need to keep pushing forward, we have a very aggressive schedule the next couple weeks, we will be dealing with this and continuing to investigate the best course forward for the state, the rate payers, and the citizens for South Carolina."

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