Community helps neighbor clean up after Hurricane Nate


NEWBERRY COUNTY, SC (WACH) --- What started as a quiet night is now a cleanup effort for one community in Newberry County.

Tropical storm Nate brought high winds and heavy rain to parts of the Midlands, leaving severe damage to one property on Salter Road. Jordan Miller lives a few a miles down the road. He said around five o clock Sunday morning he received a warning of possible tornados in the area. “I didn't think it was for our direct area for one reason it wasn't windy,” Miller said. “But when I heard it was a tornado on the ground, it’s a little bit scary."

This comes just days after Hurricane Nate claimed the lives of more than 20 people and caused significant flooding in parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. Now a community is uniting together with one goal.

Dennis Lipscomb joins other neighbors and church members cleaning up the mess left behind. He said it’s times like these that bring neighbors out to work together. "There's a lot people that have been involved, and my heart goes out to the family that has the lost” Lipscomb said. ”But a big thanks to the local Mennonite community, they are God sent."

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in Newberry County Sunday.

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