Confederate flag raised at SC State House for the day


COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- On Tuesday, the Confederate flag flew at the State House for the day, reminding some of their heritage and for others, it's a divisive symbol of inequality. “We can’t forget them they will never be erased.” David Hudler, a supporter of the flag said. "We're just here in memory because it’s our heritage, it ain’t about hate."

Tuesday's ceremonial raising of the Confederate flag marked the third anniversary of its removal. It has become an annual tradition since governor Nikki Haley called on lawmakers to remove the flag from State House grounds. Following the shooting death of nine members at the Mother Emanuel Church.

Supporters of the Confederate flag said it’s not about racism but history. However, opponents disagree.

This is Sarah Keeling's third time attending. She's with the group Showing Up For Racial Justice. “I think it’s sad, I understand wanting to honor your ancestor, but there are different ways to do it,” Keeling said. "If you want to fly a Confederate flag at your house, that's great, but you don’t need to come out every year and put on a show for people."

Right now, the flag removed from the State House grounds is waiting for a permanent display.

When it was taken down, part of the compromise was setting up a display at the Confederate Relic Room and Museum in Columbia. Paying for that has been an issue. For now, the flag remains in storage."Our flag our heritage, they took it down from the state house, and then they put it on the ground," Hudler said. “It's just a matter of our rights, I mean they are just taking them left and right and taking our monuments and our history, you can’t erase history.”

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