CPD investigating a series of burglaries in Rosewood


Columbia, S.C. (WACH) -- The Columbia Police Department is looking into a string of home burglaries that occurred in a Rosewood neighborhood.

Officers say that there were eight break-ins within two days that happened late last week.

One man, Bob Carrier, says the neighborhood is otherwise peaceful but that he has noticed the higher police presence in the neighborhood.

"It's more now than there ever used to because there's a lot of break-ins here, and Shandon," said Carrier. "They're pretty cool."

Carrier has lived in Rosewood for 22 years and says he always checks on his neighbors. He said they helped catch one would-be burglar late last week.

"I patrol this," said Carrier. "I walk everyday. Either here or Wando. And I keep my eye out."

CPD officials say it is the partnership between law enforcement and the community that has helped lead to the capture of several burglars in past incidents.

"Police officers are really good at what we do but we can't solve a majority of our crimes without people in the community helping us," said Sergeant Christopher Morris, over the South Region Community Response Team for the CPD.

"We have a great partnership, especially with the Rosewood area, through social media," he said.

There were a string of business break-ins last year that Sgt. Morris says were solved through surveillance and help from the community.

Every month, his department hosts "Front Porch Roll Calls", where volunteers in a neighborhood offer their houses for authorities to come and meet with neighborhood members personally.

"It has really helped us solve a lot of burglaries when they happen," said Sgt. Morris. "They lead us to have that extra eye on the street and that extra nosy neighbor looking out for each other."

During the roll calls, officers talk about the happenings in the neighborhood, the best way for residents to protect themselves, and give as much information as they are able to about current investigations.

Carrier says he's been to several.

"They always point, 'That’s the one, go ask him,'" said Carrier. "Because I do keep my eye out on the place...And pro bono!"

CPD officials say, thanks to the help of those in the Rosewood area, they have made "significant ground" in the burglaries last week. If anyone has any additional information about the case, they are encourage to contact the CPD.

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