Curfew proposed for Five Points

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- If the Five Points Merchants Association gets its way, kids 17 and under won't be allowed in the area after midnight.

The association is proposing a curfew for teens because of complaints about them crowding sidewalks.

The association also believes the teens are the root of many problems in the Five Points including some recent shootings.

"They're crowding our sidewalks, bringing weapons, they're having fights and they're not doing anything to make the Five Points area better place. They TMre not spending money in restaurants or bars and they can't because they're underage, says Merritt McHaffie, Executive Director of the association.

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The board sent a letter to Columbia city leaders last week urging them to give the curfew thumbs up.

The merchants association is against a 2:00 a.m. mandatory bar closing time, which the city of Columbia is considering.

The association claims such a move could result in hundreds of people spilling into the streets and moving parties into neighborhoods.

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