Daughter seeks justice after her father was murdered 22 years ago

Investigators are still looking for Jack Robinson's killer.


A new book is hoping to shed more light on an unsolved murder case in Columbia.

Jack Robinson was killed back in 1996. That was 21 years ago.

Fraendy Clervaud spoke with his daughter and she shares what she’s doing to help find her dads killer.

Tammy Robinson Downs shows us her latest attempt to find her father's killer.

Part of Jack Robinson's story is now featured in this book called “Grief Dairies.”

An organization called Project Cold Case in Jacksonville, FL --- where Tammy now lives --- spearheaded the move. The book highlights the unsolved crimes of about 22 people.

“Why was my father here. Who was this man that was here. Who stabbed him to death,” says Tammy Robinson Downs, victim’s daughter.

Here at the Rosewood Boat Landing her father Jack Robinson was stabbed several times back in August of 1996. He died at the hospital, he was 65 years old.

I first spoke with Tammy about two years ago when the Richland County Sheriff’s Department reopened the case. Here's a piece of that story.

“I want this person found my father deserves for this person to be found, my family deserves this person to be found,” says Downs back in 2015.

Now-a-days investigators like Chief Stan Smith are still trying to find a killer.

“Since than we have taken another look at all the physical evidence and one of my lieutenants was very proficient in pulling all the physical evidence. Which includes the clothing Mr. Robinson wore that day fingernail scraping to make sure it was resubmitted for DNA and unfortunately we were unable to develop a profile,” says Stan Smith, Chief Deputy, Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

Chief Smith says back in 1996 -- three witnesses told deputies they saw Jack walking with someone before he was stabbed.

The witnesses told investigators it looked like Jack and the guy knew each other.

But a few moments later they heard someone yelling.

Apart from the recent book Tammy says she hopes social media will help her find justice.

“I have a Facebook for him, I have a Twitter for him. Like the video you and I have done, I keep that going,” says Downs.

At the time of the murder the suspect was only described as a Hispanic male with olive complexion.

Investigators believe he could have been between 25-35 years old.

Smith hopes this story pulls on someone’s heart strings

“When we renew something like this, we are hoping that somebody knew something 21 years ago. Has either repressed it or has not wanted to come forward and this will generate some new effort to try to get them to appeal to their conscience,” says Chief Smith.

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