Department of Safety releases dash footage of Kelvin Washington's arrest

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COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - The South Carolina Department of Public Safety has released dash cam footage of the wreck that led to the DUI arrest of Richland County councilman Kelvin Washington.

Washington was charged with felony DUI after he was involved in a wreck that sent him and two other men to the hospital Saturday night.

His attorney, Mike Duncan, has confirmed with WACH FOX that he will appear in court March 21, at 9am.

According to SC Highway Patrol, the wreck happened around 7:45 pm, Saturday on Bluff Road after Washington rear ended another car that had two men in it.

One of the victims was treated for minor injuries at the hospital, while the other was taken to the hospital with a severe head injury, according to the incident report.

During the dash video you can hear the responding trooper asking on scene medical crews the extent of the injuries of those involved.

The trooper also says that he saw no skidmarks, having him believe that Washington never stopped before rear ending the other vehicle.

Later in the dash footage the trooper transports Washington from the hospital and to jail.

Washington remains quiet throughout the majority of the near 20 minute ride, but at one point he asks the trooper, "How fast have you gotten this thing (car) up to?" The trooper responds by saying 150 mph during a chase of a motorcycle.

The councilman's bond was set at $25,000, Sunday, and he was released from jail after posting bail. Washington is still part of the county council, but he was a no show at Tuesday night's council meeting.

Duncan issued the following statement, Wednesday:

As discussed, I have been retained today to represent Kelvin Washington, Sr.

As further discussed, a standard condition of a bond is that a Defendant have no contact with an injured party and that is a condition of Mr. Washington's bond. That said, we do offer our prayers for the recovery of the young men who were injured on Saturday evening.

Please contact me with any questions or requests for comments in the future regarding this matter. Thank you.

Governor Nikki Haley said at a news conference Wednesday that Washington, along with Eleventh Circuit Solicitor Donnie Myers should both resign after they both have been charged with DUI.


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