Deputies say ex-husband killed Sumter woman found in woods


SUMTER COUNTY, SC (WACH) --- Sumter County deputies said James Ginther shot his ex-wife Suzette and buried her in a shallow grave last week in Manchester State Forest.

Sheriff Anthony Dennis said the couple divorced earlier this year. James Ginther was arrested Monday morning by police in Louisville Kentucky after a traffic accident. "During the arrest of Mr. Ginther a weapon was recovered,” Dennis said. “That weapon has not be confirmed as the weapon used in this crime."

The department said it all started last Thursday when Suzette Ginther didn’t show up for work. Her co-workers and boyfriend alerted police the 27-year-old mother of two was missing. "Based on overall investigation and interviews with the number of witnesses, including the suspect himself,” Dennis said. “We determined he was the prime suspect."

Deputies call it a "Crime with Passion," they think James Ginther killed his ex-wife in the same area where her body was found last Friday. "The ex-husband did live here in Sumter County prior to this incident,” Dennis said. “He was familiar with that area, and he lived in that area also."

James Ginther will be brought back to Sumter County. Deputies said he faces kidnapping and murder charges. Ginther and the victim had two children together.

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