DHEC testing eight wells after uranium spill in Lower Richland County

A DHEC official speaks to Lower Richland Residents about water supply concerns after uranium leak.

People were hoping to get some answers directly from Westhinghouse at Thursday night's meeting in Lower Richland County, but no one showed up to represent the company.

The room was packed and moments were tense at times but it didn't get too heated.

Last month, plant workers found a uranium spill that seeped through the facilities flooring into the clay. People who live in the area are concerned about how the leak will affect the water supply.

At Thursday's forum, a DHEC official told people that seven private wells and one public well are being tested for uranium and other contaminants after a leak was found at the Westinghouse plant.

Council woman Dalhi Myers told the crowd that Richland County is in the process of hiring a third party to test the water supply. She says the council is filing a motion to use emergency funds.

"Our first question to Westinghouse was, 'will you pay for testing.' Because that will take some time, it makes more sense to move more quickly and use emergency funds and get that replaced instead to wait for Westinghouse to get off the dime," Myers explained.

DHEC says it will take four to five weeks to get the results of the testing but once they get them, they will post the results in detail on their website. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission will also hold their own meeting on the issue. They will announce a date for it soon.

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