Dog tasered by Irmo Police

Irmo Police Chief Brian Buck stands behind his officer's actions.

Some Midlands residents are debating whether an Irmo police officer used extremes measures or just caused, when he tased a dog last week.

"Someone called animal control to say there was a dog loose," said Giovanna Di Biccari.

The animal lover says Irmo Police tasered the 25-pound dog while they were trying to catch it; the dog then ran away.

"You see when grown men get tasered and the pain they have to go through," said Di Biccari. "But a 25 pound non-aggressive dog? I'm not scared of it. He should be embarrassed."

Animal control and Irmo police went to the 100 block of Milway Road. Police say the dog was aggressive and lunged at them, leaving them no other choice but to taser the animal.

"The animal control officer had already tried to use a tranquilizer gun, but it was ineffective," said Irmo Police Chief Brian Buck. "The officer was in essence defending himself and the animal control agent."

Buck stands behind his officer's actions. But Jane Brundage with Pets Inc. is concerned. She worries what happened to the little dog, may become a common procedure.

"We don't want to see it go back to the old days when police officers were actually instructed to shoot animals," said Brundage.

"The officer used the taser because that was his best alternative at the time," said Chief Buck. "His other options were to use a baton or a firearm. But the officer didn't think those options were very good."

"This could happen to anyone's dog, and it's unjust," said Di Biccari.

The two-year-old pup, who has been named Taser, is staying at Pets Inc. while they try to find her owner. Her wounds are healing--and for those taking care of her-- they hope the scars you can't see will also quickly heal.

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