Early results show winners in Chapin mayoral, District 1 council races


Columbia, S.C. (WACH) -- People made it out to the polls today to cast their votes in this year's municipal elections.

These include offices such as mayor, city and town council persons.

"We try to pull them in the door before 8 and let them vote," said Jane Cook, Poll Manager at the Chapin Town Hall.

The numbers for these elections typically aren't as high as other major elections at the state or national level.

Cook and her team expected only roughly 300 voters out of about 1,300 to show up.

"We've only had one competitive mayor race before because, usually, there wasn't anyone running against the mayor," said ?. But that is a good turnout for that amount."

In the Chapin race for mayor, 20-year-old candidate Shayla Flores and candidate David Knight ran against the incumbent Mayor Skip Wilson.

Early results project David Knight as the new mayor of Chapin, unseating Wilson who held the office since 2013.

In Columbia's district 1, another hotly contested race between 20 year councilman Sam Davis and newcomer Chris Sullivan came to an end.

Councilman Davis is projected to remain in his seat.

We will continue to update with election results as the results come in.

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