Ex-deputy Randy Scott's attorney questions how he had RCSD-owned guns after resignation

Ex-deputy Randy Scott's attorney questions how he had RCSD-owned guns after resignation

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- For the second time in a month, Columbia's ex-police chief Randy Scott was arrested and in front of a judge. This time, investigators say it's all tied to guns he shouldn't have. As of Thursday night, Scott is free on bail. But there are still questions about why he still had guns from his time in law enforcement. His own attorney wants to know how it happened.

Both Randy Scott and another former deputy, Lisa Grazioli are facing a combined three counts of breach of trust. Authorities say the pair failed to return weapons they were issued while working for the Richland County Sheriff's Department. But his attorney, Mark Schnee says there's a deeper issue.

"They want to blame the responsibility on employees, not the people responsible for doing inventory," said Schnee. "They've never done an audit. There's a lot of equipment they didn't even know they had. It's just a giant mess."

After tracking a fugitive to Scott's home last month, authorities say they found department weapons there. Grazioli, another ex-deputy, still had a department-issued shotgun and lives at the home. Schnee argues the agency lacks inventory records.

WACH FOX reached out to the Richland County Sheriff's Department about their weapons policy, but were given no further comments. But law enforcement experts tell us policies differ from department to department.

"These are not individuals stealing things from the Sheriff's Dpt. This is the Sheriff's department that can't figure out what they're supposed to have. There's no criminal act here. This is going to lead to bigger issues though," said Schnee.

Investigators say one of Randy Scott's pistols actually belonged to the Columbia Police Department. But, Schnee says it was a personal purchase. WACH FOX has asked the department for their weapons policies and how they go about collecting weapons once an officer leaves the force. A spokesperson says they are working to get us that information.

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