Fake postings cost job seekers big money

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- State Consumer Affair officials are advising job seekers to watch out for scams.

Juliana Harris with the agency said the most vulnerable are recent college grads. "There can be fake listings,” Harris said. “People impersonating legitimate companies and legitimate people looking for employees."

In one scam reported to the department, Harris said a person was asked to purchase computer equipment using her bank account information. She lost more than $4,000. "When she gave over that account information,” Harris said. “Unfortunately, the scammers stole money right out of her account."

While information is needed from employers, you want to confirm a few things. Like checking to see if a job posted on a third-party site is listed on the company's site too.

Bob Bouyea with the Department of Employment and Workforce said the jobless rate is at an all-time low in the state. "There are over 63,000 jobs available in South Carolina at this time," Bouyea said. "We are in such a good place as far a job seekers market that with a little help, most people can find a job."

Through the Employment and Workforce website companies and their managers are verified. "It's one that we know that businesses go to and post their own positions,” Bouyea said. “And they also have to log in.

Harris said if you have questions or are unsure of something, never be afraid to ask. It’s a simple step that keeps you from becoming a victim and saves a lot of time, effort, and money.

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