Teen reportedly killed over video game: 'We don’t need another black man dead'

Cisco Knightner Jr. (Courtesy victim's family)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) - Emotions are high for the mother and father of 17-year-old Cisco Knightner Jr.

Authorities said just after midnight Thursday, Cisco and three other teens were playing video games inside a house off Benedict Street. After getting into an altercation, one of the teens shot Cisco in the head.

Frances Rough is the victim’s mother. She says she last saw her son less than an hour before he was killed.

"I seen my son maybe 45 minutes before, didn’t even know that was going to be my last time seeing my son," Rough said. "These boys wear the same clothes, got the same everything, they were very tight and close-knit."

It comes as a shock to his family, which said the teens hung out every day. Cisco Knightner Sr. said he doesn’t know what could have caused the altercation.

"I don’t know if the boy had hatred in his heart for my child or what," Cisco Sr. said. “He wasn’t a friend, he was a flaw.”

Cisco Jr. was a senior at Airport High School, a sports lover and the oldest of 12 siblings. His family said he had dreams of joining the Army.

“I would have never imagined getting that phone call," Rough said. The call that changed their lives forever and one they pray to never receive again.

"We don’t need another black man dead,” Cisco Sr. said. “We don’t need his family hurt, there's no reason for none of this stupidity."

The teen suspected of killing Cisco Jr. is due in bond court on Sunday.

Cisco Jr. would have turned 18 in March.

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