Federal employees at CAE continue working without pay

    Federal workers at Columbia Metropolitan Airport are working without pay as week four of the government shutdown approaches. (WACH)<p>{/p}

    COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- Right now nearly 800,000 federal employees are working without pay. As the partial government shutdown approaches its fourth week, Ron Hassler said some of his family members who work for the government are struggling to make ends meet. “I’m upset that one individual is able to hurt this many people just because he is not getting his own way,” Hassler said. “My son in law and daughter had just brought a home and just settled on it so them, in particular, they are trying to make their first payments.”

    The shutdown is being called the longest in history. It entered its 22nd day on Saturday. That’s a day after federal employees would have normally received pay.

    On Thursday nearly a dozen protestors including federal workers held signs outside Senator Lindsey Graham’s office in Columbia, demanding action and a solution to the problem. “I don’t know the long term effects but it’s not going to be good,” federal employee Tony Howell said. “We need to change this for all Americans, it’s affecting all Americans, doesn’t matter what party you are.”

    Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted on Friday, urging President Donald Trump to declare a national emergency. He goes on to say the president should build a wall now. “Obviously we know we need some more border security situations handled,” Hassler said. “The wall is one that people aren’t agreeing on.”

    TSA officials at Columbia Metropolitan Airport said they hope the shutdown will end soon. Whether that’s by President Trump declaring a national emergency or members of Congress reaching a decision.

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