Fireworks blamed for blaze at Harbison State Forest

Photo: SC Forestry Commission

IRMO, SC (WACH) -- The South Carolina Forestry Commission said fireworks are to blame for a blaze that continues to burn in the Harbison State Forest.

Forestry Commission spokesman Brad Bramlett said crews were called to 197 Bob Dorn Road for a wildfire call early Wednesday evening.

Bramlett said several acres are burning near a residential area.

Columbia Fire Department has crews on stand-by in case the situation worsens.

CFD spokesman Mike DeSumma said the fire is not a public threat, but it is near the Riverwalk subdivision.

"They're seeing a lot of burning treetops and wood," Bramlett said.

Several roads in the area have been closed off to traffic, but Lost Creek Drive remains open.

"One of the hardest parts of the battle is the heat," Bramlett told WACH FOX. "We expect to be here throughout the night."

The Forestry Commission has committed a total of four bulldozers to plow around the burn site to contain the blaze.

The fire came on the same day the Department of Health and Environmental Control issued an air quality alert.

Bramlett said most of the Forestry Commission bulldozers are open-cab -- meaning that the operator is subject to the heat and smoke while working.

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