Gipson: "We will be transparent," after winning 5th Circuit Solicitor race

    Byron Gipson speaks to his supporters Thursday night after winning the 5th Circuit Solicitor race.

    Democrat Byron Gipson beat independent petition candidate John Meadors by a landslide Thursday night to fill the 5th circuit spot left vacant by Dan Johnson.

    Johnson was removed from the seat and now faces charges, after investigators say he used public money for personal use.

    He lost his bid for re-election in the democratic primary.

    Because of the controversy, Gipson told WACH FOX News that he plans to be transparent with the people of Richland and Kershaw counties, "We have to be completely transparent. There's nothing too hot. This is tax payer money that goes to fund this office and fund all the programs. Tax payers should know where all that money goes. Period."

    Gipson also said in a speech to his supporters that he plans to be fair but hard on violent crime. He stressed the importance of clean auditing and book keeping.

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