Group pays tribute on second anniversary of Sumter woman's disappearance


    It's been two years since a Sumter woman went missing without a trace from her home. Saturday, a group dedicated to finding her, paid tribute on the anniversary of her disappearance. Barbara Nave was last seen February 2017, looking for her dogs behind her Sumter home.

    Maria Rodgers, whose friendship with Barbara dates back to the 1990's, formed the "Finding Barbara Nave" group last October. They've been working on Saturday's event for months. She hopes it'll create a buzz in the community to bring closure in what remains a mystery, even to investigators.

    People who never knew Barbara showed up to Saturday's tribute to show support. Investigator Charles Bonner says he's never seen a group work together like this in his 13 years in law enforcement. He says unfortunately, the case is still at a standstill, but the group's efforts helps him do his job.

    Those who knew Barbara say she was in good health and was finishing her second PhD in Women's Studies, while also teaching English for international employees at Continental Tire.

    "I know if the situation were reversed, I know Barbara would leave no stone un-turned in finding who she was looking for," said Rodgers.

    Bonner says this is still a very active investigation, and people in the Finding Barbara Naves group say they try to meet with law enforcement once a month to debrief and keep Barbara's spirit alive.

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