Hand Middle School student fires gun at bus stop


    COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) --- Shea Harley is one of several parents left on edge after a student fired multiple shots at a nearby school bus stop. “I was waving my kids goodbye and as they are heading out the door I heard like aloud pow and I was like whoa what’s that?” Harley said. “Not only did he fire it once but he fired it multiple times."

    Richland County deputies said a Hand Middle School student fired the shots in front of Harbour Landing Apartments around 7:30 am Monday morning but luckily no one was injured.

    Harley said his two children who attend the middle school told the bus driver that a student had a gun. The bus driver then notified authorities. “He could have accidentally hit one of the other students at the bus stop, he could have hit somebody driving by, he could have hit somebody in the apartments,” Harley said. “No one got hurt and that was just a blessing because the other day it could have been a tragic day.”

    Harley said Richland School District One sent parents an alert around 2:00 pm. several hours after the incident. “I actually want to find out who he is so I can help because I am a single parent father and I see the kids in the neighborhood all the time,” Harley said. “We kind of got to do a better job with our kids and what I am going to do differently, I’ll probably just make sure my house is secured more, I’ll be watchful more and just kind of like pay more attention to certain things.”

    Harley is now hoping to meet the student who fired those shots and offer a helping hand. Richland School District One did not say whether the student would face any disciplinary actions. Richland County deputies are investigating.

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