Hauling more calories during the holidays

Keeping a watchful eye on food calories may not be your only problem this holiday season.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) - Keeping a watchful eye on food calories may not be your only problem this holiday season.

According to the Royal Society for Public Health, calories in alcohol can lead to obesity as well.

"You generally want to aim for a standard size serving of wine, a regular beer certainly with regular alcohol levels or a shot of liquor and that's going to be around 100-150 calories so at least you know then what you're getting," said Brie Turner- McGrievy, a professor at the University of South Carolina.

The Society conducted a small pub experiment. The people involved consumed 400 fewer calories in a session

The experiment showed that a large 250ml glass of 8 percent wine contained 170 calories.The same amount of 14 percent wine was 230 calories.

When it comes to beer, a pint of beer is more than 180 calories which is almost the same of a sugary doughnut at 200 calories.

Four pints of that same percent of beer was equal to two-and-a-half burgers and 73 minutes of running.

All are shocking statistics health officials say people are highly unaware of.

"If you're adding mixers if you can look for ones that are non-sweetened or lower in calories, say if you do a Jack and Coke do a Jack and Diet Coke," said Turner- McGrievy. "That's going to save you some calories as well."

Public health doctors say calorie content labels are a way to become more aware of the calories in alcohol.

Right now that idea is being pushed in the United Kingdom.

However, experts say the labels could be helpful nationwide by reducing both the waistline and alcohol consumption.

At one point, the beverage industry was looking into the idea, but said labeling drinks to inform consumers of the amount of alcohol in them was more important.

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