He was asked to remove his Trump shirt or wouldn't be allowed to vote

    Garden City man asked to remove Trump shirt.PNG

    An Horry County voter said he watched a man take off his President Donald Trump shirt after a poll worker told him he couldn't wear it while voting.

    An election commission spokesman says it was a mistake and the shirt didn't violate voting guidelines.

    Voters aren't allowed to have campaign materials for candidates in the election, but the president wasn't on the ballot.

    "I understand that they're volunteers, but maybe it's something that needs to be addressed in training, you know," said Todd Price, who witnessed the event.

    Price said, the man didn't put up a fight and did as he was told so he could vote at the Garden City Fire station on Tuesday.

    "He just took his hat and his shirt off and tossed them on the ground and went into the precinct and voted shirtless," said Price.

    Horry County Elections Director Sandy Martin said they've spoken with the state elections office and an attorney is checking what they need to do moving forward.

    State election officials say they will continue to work to educate county election officials, poll managers and voters to ensure everyone is aware of how the law applies in this specific situation.

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