"Her face captured a mother's pure love": Local mom's post about Doria Ragland goes viral


COLUMBIA, S.C. (W.A.C.H.)--A Columbia mother has gained worldwide attention after she shared a heartfelt Facebook post praising Doria Ragland as she watched her daughter Meghan Markle marry into the British royal family.

Lisa Cole, a freelance writer and mother of four says her post was intended for her friends, but within 24 hours, it got attention around the world and was shared 1.3 million times. Her post reads, " Can we take a moment to honor this beautiful, strong woman who sat alone, a million miles from home, in a situation so foreign to her own life, with grace, dignity, poise, honor and love for her child? THAT is royalty".

Cole says she is humbled by an overwhelming response to her words.

"That look on her face expressed the unconditional love of motherhood. I used that to say 'Here's this moment, look at your mother, go to your mother, #GoHugMom. I had people message me say 'I was with my mom when I read that. I hugged her'," says Cole.

Cole says she feels the image credited to Dominic Lipinski of the Press Association is so powerful because "motherhood is a common denominator that bonds us all".

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