"He's where he needs to be" Family speaks after man accused of beating their daughter

    "He's where he needs to be" Family speaks after man accused of beating their daughter<p>{/p}

    Thursday afternoon, a judge denied bail to a local man accused of savagely beating his girlfriend. His arrest comes after the victim's father took to social media demanding action. The victim is still recovering from her injuries, but has a long road ahead. The man accused of attacking her refused to let his face be seen by cameras in court Thursday.

    Amber Dunn and her parents stood in the courtroom Thursday to face 21-year-old Spencer Jeffcoat. He's charged with attempted murder, domestic violence high and aggravated nature and kidnapping. Jeffcoat will remain in jail after a judge denied him bond. He and Dunn have a four-year-old together.

    This all comes after Dunn's father shared photos on Facebook claiming Jeffcoat "locked her in a room and tried to hide her until she healed or died." According to deputies, Dunn told them Jeffcoat had "kicked, punched and strangled her multiple times". She's now recovering from surgery after suffering broken bones in her face. There's also a chance her retina is deatched.

    The family says this is the first time Dunn had to be hospitalized from the abuse. Prosecutors told the judge when Dunn was still in the hospital last week, Jeffcoat sent her a text message threatening to come to her parents home, and actually showed up there with a crowbar.

    "He shouldn't do that to women period," said Travis Dunn, Amber's father. "He's where he needs to be in my eyes."

    Dunn says she's getting help from SisterCare, which is a nonprofit organization supporting survivors of domestic violence. They partner with the Richland County Sheriff's Department.

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