Highway patrol trooper captivates families with a nightly Twitter post


A national campaign encouraging families to think safety each night has made its way to the Midlands. #9PMRoutine is a reminder to make sure the doors of your homes and cars are locked. But one state trooper has put his own twist on the initiative and people are taking notice.

Every night at 9:00 p.m. Trooper Bob Beres with the South Carolina Highway Patrol posts on Twitter to remind others to keep their children safe. But it's become so much more. Beres reminds his nearly 16,000 Twitter followers to ask themselves: "It's 9:00. Do you know where your children are? #BecauseICare". And it's not an automated post.

"I guess I could learn how to make it automatic but that's not me. I want to physically type it every night," says Beres.

It's clear that Twitter followers like Kim Castell are listening. She believes he truly cares about all children everywhere. Beres averages up to fifty retweets with every post and says the community looks forward to seeing the responses.

"Parents will take pictures of their kids, wherever they're at. They'll stop and take a selfie with them and say 'I know where they are'. They interact. People will take pictures of their pets. I even had an ultrasound come back saying 'I know where my child is'," says Beres.

The initiative started in 2015. Now, the community notices if Beres skips out on a post or two.

"There's been a couple times I went on vacation and didn't put it out. The next morning, I see tweets "It's 9pm, do you know where Trooper Bob is?," says Beres.

Followers say it all goes back to tradition. Castell recalls when she was a kid, she'd hear the news asking parents if they knew where their kids were.

"I thought 'Why wouldn't you know where your kids are?' Someone said 'You'd be surprised'," says Castell.

Trooper Bob says nothing's changed as far as a parent's love for their children and a trooper's care for his community.

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