Hundreds meet with Columbia senator at town hall meeting

Columbia, S.C.-- A heated crowd faced Senator Lindsey Graham Saturday in an effort to create dialogue on current political and social issues.

Senator Graham hosted a Town Hall meeting addressing the concerns of those living in South Carolina.

Topics ranged from gun laws, to education, the military, and more. The crowd raised either green or red cards in the air, signifying whether they agreed or disagreed, respectively.

One participant said that, although the town hall was needed, she did not leave satisfied with the senator's responses.

"You had the opportunity where people presented valid questions about gun laws, about school shootings," said Shanita Brown. "And you just…dodged it."

The topics that generated the greatest backlash at the event included the nomination of Judge Niel Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, education, possible U.S. involvement with Russia, and healthcare.

Some at the event did not like Graham's stance on the Affordable Care Act, in particular. Julie Edwards, co-founder of the Indivisible Midlands, and her group wore shirts with "R.I.P. Me" written on the front, and #FixDontNix written on the back.

"Yesterday, he tweeted that he's content to let the ACA, or he calls it Obamacare, collapse and then replace," said Edwards."That's going to have real human costs in the terms of illness and death."

On Friday, House Republican leaders pulled the healthcare plan that would have replaced the Affordable Care Act.

But Senator Graham did inspire some cheers from the crowd, taking a strict stance on Russia and tax returns.

"I've got legislation, I've got a Democratic sponsor, that if you run for President in 2020, you gotta release your tax returns," said Graham.

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