Improvements to Penny Program suggested at year's first County Council meeting

Richland County leaders discuss Penny Tax investigation.jpg

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- Tuesday's county council meeting was the first of the year and the first time the council has come together since the Department of Revenues' audit.

On the agenda were proposed suggestions to the Penny Tax program.

Councilman Seth Rose proposed several improvements to, what he says, help the transparency of the program.

He says he wants the citizen's advisory committee to have more teeth in checking the way these funds are spent.

Rose wants the advisory committee to have access to all information involving the tax spending and suggested the chairperson of the advisory committee be from a county committee.

Councilman Rose says there should also be yearly audits and quarterly reports to make these penny projects more transparent.

Rose says, "Going forward we have to correct these issues. We need to make sure everything is done right and restore public trust in this program. It's extremely important and that's what these motions were designed for and I wanted to make sure they were put on the agenda for the first council meeting."

All of councilman Rose's proposals will be sent to a committee before it can be voted on in county council.

WACH Fox will keep you updated with the latest on the investigation into the Penny Tax and what County Council is doing to improve the program.

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