Investigation leads to 5 arrests, seizure of drugs and guns

Investigation leads to 5 arrests, seizure of drug and guns (Source: Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center)

SUMTER, S.C. (WACH) - An extensive investigation involving the Sumter Police Department resulted in five individuals being arrested on Wednesday.

The police department announced the arrests Saturday evening. They worked with the Organized Crime and Vice Control Unit to search the South Main Street home. When officers entered the home late Wednesday evening, 17 individuals were inside, along with a large quantity of crack cocaine, powder cocaine, $1,500 in cash and four guns. Five arrests stemmed from this raid:

  • Freddie McCullough, 64, of the 577 South Main Street home, is charged with attempted murder; on June 30, McCullogh allegedly shot a 32-year-old man outside a South Sumter Street residence;
  • Ruth Wells, 51, also of the residence, is charged with two counts of distributing crack cocaine and two counts of distributing crack cocaine near a school or park. She was currently out on bond from another drug-related arrest when she was charged on Wednesday;
  • Jermaine Smith, 36, is charged with trafficking cocaine, trafficking cocaine (second offense), possession of a Schedule II substance and possessing a firearm as a felon;
  • Antonio Wilson, 28, is charged with trafficking cocaine (second offense) and trafficking crack cocaine (second offense). He was also wanted for pointing and presenting a firearm during an unrelated incident; and
  • An unnamed individual who was found in the home is charged with contempt of magistrate's court charge.

All individuals were booked at the Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center.

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