Irmo residents speak out at town hall meeting on parking ordinance


COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH)-- Two parking ordinances have been in the spotlight recently and are sparking heated debate among Irmo residents, some say it is a conflicting law.

A 1985 ordinance prohibits residents from parking in the street, however it wasn't enforced until recently. Another ordinance was added July 18, prohibiting people from parking in their front yards, otherwise people would have to pay for additional paved driveways.

Many viewpoints were presented during the Town Hall meeting, some arguing that they should be able to use their property as they see fit and not have government tell them what to do. While others want a free passage for emergency vehicles to get through and maintain property value.

After a three and a half hour debate the council voted to repeal the 1985 law however the new law is still up for debate.

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