Irmo town council passes controversial parking ordinance

Irmo Town Council votes to pass new parking ordinance

IRMO (WACH)-Irmo town council members voted 3 to 2 during Tuesday's town council meeting to pass a controversial parking ordinance.

A new law put in place July 18th states it is illegal for people to park a car in their front yard. Irmo residents have a six month education time frame allowing them to move vehicles from the front to the side yard. Residents also have an additional six months to prepare designated parking areas inside their yards.

Tuesday night council members held a final ruling on the ordinance which will charge homeowners a large fee for violating the law.

Efforts to repeal the ordinance by Councilman Barry Walker were unsuccessful, "folks [Irmo residents] y'all gotta do what you've gotta do, get prepared to pay a thousand bucks for parking in your grass," said Walker, "this is a ridiculous ordinance, I tried."

Some Irmo residents say they believe front yard parking should be allowed to encourage safety on the street. If people are parked on the street it will be very difficult for cars to speed through the neighborhood without possibly hitting a parked vehicle.

Beginning January 17th homeowners with cars parked in their front yard will receive a warning.

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