"It's not who we are" SC Sheriff's Association target of scam, warning others to be alert

"It's not who we are" SC Sheriff's Association target of scam, warning others to be alert

Deputies are warning people in The Midlands of another phone scam. The South Carolina Sheriff's Association says scammers are posing as them and requesting donations. Now the Association's is urging people to get ahead of the scammers.

Hundreds of people are calling the Sheriff's Association thinking they're returning a missed call. But that missed call is actually from a scammer requesting donations on behalf of the association, going so far as to ask for a social security number and then threaten to send U.S. Marshals if they do not comply.

"Law enforcement doesn't generally operate over the phone. They're going to operate via mail or in person. Those things don't occur over the phone. And if they do, you need to verify they are who they are," said Executive Director of the S.C. Sheriff's Association Jarrod Bruder.

"We don't have a reason to have social security numbers. They're actually calling from our phone number so we're being spoofed."

Bruder is urging people to not be fooled. He says people should be cognizant when they answer the phone. Don't give away identifying characteristics. And if you realize you answered a scammer, simply hang up. Bruder says if you feel you've been victimized, you should touch base with the social security office to make sure nothing happened.

"It's that time of the year where people are trying to make a quick buck and prey on the people who are ready to give to legitimate nonprofits," said Bruder.

If you have any questions or concerns, you should contact Jarrod Bruder by phone at (803) 772-1101 or via email at jbruder@sheriffsc.com.

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