Psychotherapist: “A mental illness does not link directly to violence”


COLUMBIA (WACH) ---- Just about everyone is talking about the deadly shooting that happened in Sutherland Springs, TX.

Twenty-six people are dead after Devin Kelley is accused of shooting them.

Many people have questions.

Why did this happen?

Why at a church?

Did mental illness play a role?

Unfortunately South Carolina is no stranger to this.

Back in June 2015 Dylann Roof murdered 9 worshipers at Mother Emanuel AME Church.

According to a FBI active shooter study there were a number of mass killings since the Charleston, SC massacre.

So where at WACH Fox we decided to hold a special community round table to address all these tragedies.

We were joined by Ken Jumper, Pastor, Harvest Center in Lexington -- Dr. Herbert Bailey, Pastor, Right Direction Church International --- Dr. Markesha Miller, licensed psychotherapist and Senior Deputy Chris Mastrianni with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

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