Judge orders CLA and concert promoters reach agreement on refunds in 30 days

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A clash over a concert landed in a Midlands courtroom Thursday. It dates back to last month, when rapper Lil Wayne didn't want any part of a security check at Colonial Life Arena. He didn't perform and arena officials promised refunds. Things escalated from there.

Attorneys were brought to a judge after concert promoters decided to take legal action against Columbia Life Arena. This comes after Lil Wayne chose not the enter the building when private, rather than public, security checkpoints were not provided as promised.

After the arena promised refunds, promoters filed the suit. This allowed for a temporary restraining order halting refunds until a solution could be reached. The attorney for those promoters told a judge the promise of refunds is essentially larceny of money that belongs to another party.

However, an attorney for Colonial Life Arena claims the conduct of a performer falls on the promoters and is a breach of contract.

After about an hour of arguments, the judge ordered the parties to agree on a mediator to solve the issues within thirty days. Attorney Joe McCulloch says he will continue to push for his clients.

"Why Wayne doesn't want to be scanned within view of his fans? I can only speculate. But our promoters are not the ones who should be blamed for the need for a refund," says McCulloch.

The judge also ordered that a decision on refunds must be made in mediation. The temporary restraining order still stands but will expire once a solution is reached.

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