Keys to being prepared when severe winter weather hits

Keys to being prepared when severe winter weather hits

With the threat of severe winter weather looming this weekend are you and your family prepared?

Derrec Becker with the South Carolina Emergency Management Division says, “when it comes to winter weather, contrary to popular belief, South Carolina does get its fair share of winter weather."

SCEMD advises you everyone to be prepared and have a plan when it comes to winter weather.

Becker shares, “Having an extra jacket is key, blankets and extra coat in your car, a good pair of gloves. keep some extra batteries, a flashlight, you want to keep enough water for your family to use. we say two gallons per person per day. Also, one thing that people might not think about, a way to charge your mobile device if the power goes out in your home. find some alternate means to keep your mobile devices charged.”

If you have to drive in the winter weather, state troopers want everyone to stay safe on the roads. “Often times we see where motorist never slowdown, they continue the same highway speeds even when the roads are wet or even when the roads are icy. We see where people still drive distracted. That increases your chance of getting in a crash. So, our major thing is getting people first of all to slow down, limit distractions and drive cautiously. If you are in a bad situation, make sure you dial *47 to let us know,” says Lcpl. David Jones with the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Some people are already hitting the stores and shopping in preparation for the possible severe winter weather weekend. Some are thinking about what they need for their family to stay safe and make sure we have the foods that they need.

Laura LaSalle says, “you gotta have your typical junk food. you gotta have some chips, some dips and some cookies. all the stuff to make it merry and a roaring fire in the fire place.”

“Cancel school, it’s the number one priority (what would you want to eat?) macaroni and cheese and apple juice, says middle school student Hailey Blaire

Sheryl Pelkey says, soups, sandwiches you know milk, bread like you said things like that. but I don’t worry about that a whole lot, I already bought the dog’s food. He’s going to be taken care of, that’s all I care about.”

Here is a Family Emergency Kit from SCEMD

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