Lake Katherine HOA board members prepare for Hurricane Florence by lowering water levels

Lake Katherine Homeowners have been lowering water levels since Monday as they prepare for Hurricane Florence.

Bruce Guignard knows the drill all too well, "We had about five feet of water inside of our house and about eight to nine feet outside," explains Guignard.

The 2015 floods caused severe damage to Guiginard's Lake Latherine home.

"I ended up elevating the house and rebuilding," he told WACH FOX News.

In the next few days, Hurricane Florence is expected to dump heavy rain in the area.

"This will likely be more rain then we saw with Hugo or other Hurricanes," Gov. Henry McMaster said at a news conference Wednesday from the South Carolina Emergency Management Division.

That's why the Home Owners Association at Lake Katherine has been lowering water levels at the lake since Monday.

"I would encourage dam owners whether it is a state regular dam or not while the weather is still good to take steps to lower water levels in their ponds and reservoirs," said David Wison, DHEC's Acting Director.

Wilson also encouraging dam owners to inspect spillways.

Guignard and the other HOA board members hope to lower the lake by four feet before Florence arrives.

"...we will evaluate that as a possibility, fortunately, we have a few more days."

The lake also has two emergency overflows in case levels get too high.

"I can't help but to think before the big flood three years ago that people were saying 'oh well it's going to rain. we might get just get a lot of water'. I still think that but I also didn't think we would get that flood in 2015."

According to the Homeowner's Association says one of the reasons Lake Katherine flooded in 2015 is because of a dam issue at Fort Jackson, which they say is not expected to be a factor in this case.

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