Lake Murray docks destroyed after Irma


LEXINGTON, S.C. --Heavy rains and winds caused some people to lose their boats Monday night.

Docks on parts of Lake Murray left battered. Tuesday, owners got their first look at the damage.

The storm is over, but the damage remains after tropical storm Irma ripped through the Midlands. Joann Vassallo recorded a video showing the worst part of the storm at Lake Murray.

"The spray off the lake was like an ocean like it was white caps off the lake," Vassallo said. "I was really worried about other people but mainly the property damage." High winds created major problems for neighbors, flipping over a boat and taking out a pier.

With any natural disaster, the first question that comes to mind is will my insurance cover it, and if so, how do I get started?

Ray Farmer, is the Director of the State Department of Insurance. He said it's important to check your property.

"Now is the time for the insurance industry to do their job, they will," Farmer said.

"When you get home, and you notice you have some damage, go ahead and call your insurance company."

He said assessing the damage, holding on to receipts, and knowing what your policy covers will help when calling your agent.

"We will have another storm at some point," Farmer said. "Now is a good time to sit down with your insurance company or your agent and discover what's in your policy."

As for Vassallo, she's glad her neighbors are safe, knowing the storm is finally over. "These are just materials things," Vassallo said. "You can replace those you can't replace human lives."

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