Lexington Police kick off 'Sober or Slammer' campaign

sober or slammer.jpg

LEXINGTON (WACH)- The Lexington Police Department along with law enforcement across the state are participating in the "Sober or Slammer" campaign.

Officers will be conducted continued D.U.I. enforcement activities and stops through the New Year holiday.

For the next three weeks, Traffic Division and Patrol Division officers will be focused on D.U.I. enforcement, along with participating in several public safety checkpoints, and those who plan to drink alcohol are asked to have a plan to get home safe after holiday parties or other festivities.

Chief Terrence Green said, “There are so many options that everyone has after having a few drinks with a designated driver, taxi, ride-share service, or even a tow truck. Please make the smart decision to have a sober driver to get you home safe this holiday season. The risk is just too great to get behind the wheel intoxicated.”

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